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What Clients Have To Say

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"Michelle was AWESOME! Her quality, expertise, and accessibility to getting our dog Zoey trained was unmatched. You can tell she takes the time to listen and understand you and provides you with great techniques to get your pet trained. We also loved that she was able to be contacted really easily for any questions as items popped up. If you’re looking for a great and easy training experience with someone who knows what they're doing for an incredible value, look no further."


- Mario & Lena

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"This letter is in appreciation for all of your incredible teaching that has helped us become such an amazing team.  Just when I thought that I didn’t have the skill or Janie just couldn’t catch onto something, there you were!  One minute in your gifted hands and she was doing what I had been asking of her.  Then your attention turned to me and showed me “how to speak Janie’s language” and what was the best way for me to train her.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of our classes, Puppy 1, Puppy 2, CGC, and Tricks.  I am proud to say that Janie has earned her CGC and Tricks titles so easily because of your great teaching.  You always know how to make learning fun and your classes are always positive.  Thank you so much for training me to teach my dog.  When I signed up for classes I thought we were training Janie, I was soon to discover you were training me to be able to train her correctly.

Thanks, in large part to you, Janie is now:

UKC CH, AKC pointed, God’s Gift Wind Beneath My Wings, CGC, TKN, Spot On

And this is only the beginning.  Watch us soar!

With heartfelt thanks to our Dog Whisperer!"


Pam and Janie Eggers

Hap BH May 2019 (1).jpg

"I just want to thank Michelle Vickers for the great class my daughter and I took last winter.  Great instruction!  Appreciate that you were to willing to accommodate dogs at different levels of experience and continue to challenge them while keeping the learning going within the group.  The class was very helpful to my daughter, Beth, as she recovered from a serious health problem.  You were so kind and understanding as she went thru the various sessions.  I appreciate you allowing my current competition dog, Hap, and I to attend and support Beth, while enjoying the training and watching the various teams evolve in their learning.  I highly recommend Michelle as an instructor and wish her much success with her new venture, K9 Manners Matter, LLC."

      Kathy Wilmoth


Picture is of my Hap von der Wilmothhaus and I during the critique from the judge when he achieved his BH title 05/2019.


"Buddy Holly far-surpassed my wildest expectations in Michelle Vickers’ Beginning Obedience class. He’d had a traumatic start to his young life and was very skittish of people. Michelle used a variety of non-threatening techniques to approach and interact with him. Her oldest daughter helped too and knelt in front of him with her back to him and offered a treat by stretching her hand back. He took it! By the end of the class, he had not only mastered the requirements but had gained confidence and was more relaxed. Doing “down” was and is his favorite behavior."

Sally Nitz & Buddy Holly


"Peggy Sue loved Michelle Vickers’ Beginning Obedience class. She learned a lot of new things and was able to show off her agility skills in the last class. Michelle is very positive and makes learning fun for both the dogs and the handlers."

Sally Nitz & Peggy Sue


"Michelle is so energetic and loving with the dogs and their owners! She has patience beyond measure and never lags in her work to make every dog and owner work together as a happy unit. Her passion is contagious!"

Be well, Obi wan!



"Congratulations to Michelle on the opening of K9 Manners Matter.  I can think of no one more qualified and suited for such an important service.  Karley  (my rescue Golden) and I had the opportunity to train under Michelle for obedience classes and the Canine Good Citizens Course.  Our time together was so much fun ... and productive!  I was most impressed though by Michelle’s knowledge of dog behavior, her excellent communication skills, and her ability to quickly build rapport. It was so evident that she loves her work and Karley sure loved her!  Karley is now a registered Therapy Dog but we owe much of her success to Michelle’s training. Thanks again Michelle and the best of luck on your new venture!"
Barb Consolo & Karley


"Chloe and I started attending puppy classes with Michelle when Chloe was a couple months old.  Chloe drug me through the door of the training room in excitement to great all the the other dogs and handlers. After several rounds of classes and a lot of patience, Chloe was able to pass her certification with Therapy Dog International when she turned 1. Chloe is now almost 5 and she has spent the past 4 years going to work with me, Jen who owns her own Mental Health practice.  The basic commands that Chloe and I learned from Michelle’s  classes not only helped Chloe to pass her certification but Chloe often amazes my clients with how well she listens.  “Leave it” has been the most valuable command I have learned while Chloe prefers “shake” and “roll over” for a belly rub.  Chloe also received her Trick Dog designation through Michelle’s classes."

Jen & Chloe


"We have taken Michelle's classes with our Boxers for over 11 years! Her classes not only teach you how to properly train your dog but they are also a lot of fun. Everything was postive! We learned to praise and reward our pups for good behavior rather than to focus on punishing them for undesireable behavior. Because of that I went home happy and wanted to do our homework, which led to be excited about returning to class each week! We continued through all levels of Michelle's classes and continued to take them multiple times to keep the pups busy and for a fun activity. We also were able to become Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs.

 Michelle wants you and your dogs to become a good team and for you to succeed. When you get excited about a new learned behavior with your dog, Michelle is excited with you! She never lets you got lost. She is eager to help you and will give extra attention to those who need it.

 I highly recommend Michelle as a trainer!"

Kellie Turner & Toby, Katie Bug, & Brody

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"Bailey and I have taken obedience classes with Michelle on many occasions and she is terrific!  We always learn so much and she is patient with everyone both human and canine : )  I recommend her highly."

Jeannette & Bailey 


"This is Jojo, he is a fantastic!, mixed breed, 2 year old rescue pup. He had a pretty tough life before he came to his forever home. Jojo struggled with trusting- especially men, he didn’t know the most basic of commands, he hid a lot, he scared easily, he lacked confidence and he lacked manners. Jojo really needed some structure, his dad and I wanted to help this poor guy more than anything and we were BLESSED when Michelle entered Jojo’s life- our life.  We have never seen Jojo respond to anyone the way he responded to her! She was so patient with him, helped him to learn, helped my husband and I to help him, she essentially trained the family. It is a family process and she taught us this.  Since attending training with Michelle, Jojo is confident, loving, happy and well adjusted. he is affectionate, he has manners, he listens to commands and he is happy! Michelle is passionate, kind, easy to talk to, she’s so helpful and so knowledgeable. Jojo loves Michelle! We are so grateful to have found Michelle . We look forward to attending more classes!  Thank you!"




Eddie, Lisa & Jojo Admire


"I was fortunate enough to have met Michelle several years ago and have and participated in a several of her classes including obedience, canine good citizen, and tricks.  Her classes were always informative, organized with clear instructions and demonstrations.  She always made a special effort to assist a student who was struggling with a particular behavior or skill, offering  various techniques to ensure each student’s success.  Patience, kindness, and positive reinforcement for both her human and canine students are hallmarks of Michelle’s training style.   Over the years, Michelle has been my teacher, my friend, and my mentor.   She has made me a better owner, handler, and advocate for my canine companions.  I will always be grateful!"


 Leslie Gelesh, Chip & Eli

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Kyla HRC ad.jpg

"I've taken two Labrador Retrievers to Michelle for puppy obedience & adult obedience training over the years.  I love Michelle's teaching style, easy to follow directions but most of all the coaching that she gave me so that I could become a better dog trainer and owner.  Both of my dogs have gone on to earn advanced AKC and UKC hunting titles.  Their journey all started with and was built upon the solid obedience foundation provided by Michelle's instruction."

Patrick Daly, Blue & Kyla

Great Lakes Labradors


"I met Michelle at another facility. Immediately I liked her confidence and knowledge of issues the class had with their pups. She did a great job of teaching us to train our dogs. I watched her work with dogs that owners were having trouble with commands and within minutes she had them listening and trying the command. She was patient with my family member's overly excited golden doodle as well, and worked with my family member to make the class more enjoyable when she was stressing over the exuberant pup! I highly recommend Michelle to help with your training needs. I hope to continue training with her in the future!"

-Beth Moser and yellow lab Jag


"I had a young energetic puppy that liked to get in trouble and realized I needed some help with obedience.  I met Michelle and she helped us tremendously. Not to mention how much my dog loves her!  She helped create a foundation that allowed us to go into other areas such as agility and nose work."

Sue & Hershey

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"Gina & Ellie enjoyed all their training classes and learned “canine good citizen” manners under the guidance of their excellent instructor, Michelle Vickers. Both are now TDI certified Therapy Dogs providing comfort when needed, as well as performing tricks (learned in Michelle’s classes). Thanks to Michelle’s great classes and excellent teaching abilities, she manages to help her students bring out the best in their dogs while having fun at the same time."

Brenda, Gina & Ellie


"I highly recommend Michelle as a fantastic trainer whether you are starting with a puppy or new dog, or have finished basic training and are looking for fun ways to interact with your dog. My dog, Rafi absolutely loved Michelle! She helped us from Puppy and Obedience to Tricks. During the time Rafi was training with Michelle, he earned CGC, Therapy Dog and Novice & Intermediate Tricks Titles. You and your dog will enjoy her instruction and support."

Susan OConnell & Rafi


"I got my black lab, Piper, almost two years ago with the intent to train her to be a therapy dog to work with me in my role as a school counselor. From the beginning, Piper was a friendly, smart, and confident dog, who also was also very energetic, especially when other dogs were around. After she was home for just a few weeks, we enrolled in puppy classes, where we met Michelle Vickers. Michelle gave us our first experience with training. Piper thrived under her leadership and was was always encouraging and positive with me as well. We went on to complete intermediate puppy classes and then obedience classes with Michelle as well. Even though Piper’s energy offered some challenges, Michelle worked with me on ways to channel that energy and help her to be successful. Despite others telling me that she wasn’t ready, when Piper was just over a year old, she passed her Canine Good Citizen test. I owe this to Michelle because of her constant encouragement and willingness to give advice. Piper and I trained more and went on to become a registered therapy dog team in September of 2020. I owe Michelle so much for giving me the confidence, knowledge, and encouragement in setting a solid foundation to help make my goal become a reality."

Monica & Piper


"My dog Nala and I were so blessed to start out our training with Michelle at Akron All-breed Training Center. Her deep knowledge, coupled with her amazing patience and positivity are truly what makes her so successful. I have been training and showing dogs for over 30 years and I cannot recommend a more wonderful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy instructor than Michelle."

Hope Weisburn & Nala

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